Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lets get dirty


You know the great effects one can achieve with MIG “Oil and Grease Stain Mixture”? Usually utilized at fuel-tanks or barrels, i decided to empty the bottle a bit more as normal. The high gloss torpedos had to receive a coat of fat. We got some real “phat” torpedos now…


DSC03351 (Medium)

The MIG stuff has some good features. One of them is the relative short drying time. You can apply it with a brush and alter the texture during the process. The glossy effect of fat will still remain visible. I recommend a sealing coat of clear acrylic over the Alclad. We dont want some nasty surprises, right?

I was able to fnish all the paintwork on the sub it self. I used several filters of all kinds, like bleachers and some slighty brownish tones.


DSC03413 (Medium)


DSC03414 (Medium)


DSC03416 (Medium)


DSC03418 (Medium)


DSC03419 (Medium)


DSC03420 (Medium)


DSC03421 (Medium)


DSC03424 (Medium)


DSC03425 (Medium)


DSC03426 (Medium)


All right. I would call that finsihed. I think i should spend some more attention on the display. Lets see what we can do there.

Thanks for watching! Very kind regards to all of you ladys gentleman all over the world!

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