Sunday, January 30, 2011

And finally, lets get finished!


All right. Another one cleared to left the bench. Well actually the little midget was completed several month ago, Sorry for being that late inside of this blog, but sometimes i am very busy. The boat was already on display at the 2010 Lier Convention in Belgium. I brought it to the competition and won a Gold plus “Best of Ships”. There was not that many ships on display and its not easy to compare a 700th scale aircraft carrier with a 35th scale submarine, but i was very happy about it.

The whole Lier Convention was one of the most successive shows i ever attended. Three models was entered in the competition, all of them are shown below. The LVG C.VI won Gold, Best airplane, and Best of Class. The little Heinkel bird took Silver. About the Midget you already know.

I dont know was this will do to me and my work. I think i am prepared against all kinds of modelling syndromes, knowing that not each model can win something. And it don´t has to. I just love the hobby as it is and this will never change.

I want to thank all the people on the show for the great conversations and all the inspiring models there at the show. There are some true artists out there and i really enjoy to talk and learn. Of course a heavy “CHEERS” to all the staff members as well! They was extraordinary friendly and helpful and they all did a tremendous job! Thanks for that, ladys and gentleman!

All right! Nuff said! Here comes the final pictures of Bronco´s 1/35 XXVIIB Submarine:


Bronco_XXVIIB_Seehund 1


Bronco_XXVIIB_Seehund 2


Bronco_XXVIIB_Seehund 3


Bronco_XXVIIB_Seehund 4


Bronco_XXVIIB_Seehund 5




  1. Super build !! I was happy with mine ... until I saw this one :) Take care & best regards.

  2. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master