Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plywood and Canvas

Wingnut Wings 32nd Scale " LVG C VI."

A perfect Kit, excellent engineered and depicting a witty modeling-topic.
Sounds good, he? Thats just what i thought, at least.
I had read certain reviews from competent people and soon my Order was in.
The main reason for me to build it, was the bare wood guise of the LVG.
I saw pretty much potencial to build a attractive model, considering the nice
contrast of the engine´s metal and the fuselage´s wood.

Another reason, believe it or not, was the manual of the kit.
One can sit in a armchair and read it like a enjoyable book.
Each step is depicted so clearly and inspiring that i quickly
just "fell in the model".
Soon i felt like that i exactely know what to do.

This is what came out:

1 comment:

  1. Hello Alex,

    I love the finish of your modell, especially the wooden parts. It looks like you made it really out of wood.
    A perfekt airplaine!