Friday, February 4, 2011

Progress on “Imperial Ambitions”

I was able to manage a view things on that project. Painting the lower hull had to be completed before moving on to the contruction of the superstructure. It was fun! The kit is just great! Some minor issues here and there. Nothing serious.

I just screwed the bag wich had contained the anchor by rolling over it with my comfortable  office-armchair. Not a good thing and help was needed. This help came quickly by Peter Plattner of WMM, replacing the parts in no time.

Man, what a service! Thanks Peter!!!


DSC03734 (Large)

Some guys ready to mix up in the cup with the silver hat.


DSC03745 (Large)

Basecoat and preshading.



DSC03753 (Large)

Things blended into each other.


DSC03758 (Large)

Filtered with oil colors such as bright/medium brown and dark red. The colour for the black part of the hull is a “off black”, Gunze´s H77 “Tire black” flat.


DSC03761 (Large)


DSC03763 (Large)


DSC03767 (Large)

It do has some “Jules-Vernes-Moments” in it, hasn´t it?



Masking a fine waterline



DSC03783 (Large)


DSC03797 (Large)


DSC03798 (Large)


DSC03799 (Large)


DSC03809 (Large)


The perfect time to spear it up. I now have a stabile base for the upcoming work, eleminating the risk of unintended damaging the paintwork.

Time to care for some more details, right?



DSC03842 (Large)


DSC03845 (Large)


DSC03853 (Large)

Brass rod, 05,mm, sanded smooth at the joints




DSC03855 (Large)

These ornaments comes along with the kit, are made of PE and ´re just gorgeous! I utilized some oxydizing solution to tint the brass and sanded, or rather polished it. Just a dry fix at this stage.



DSC03861 (Large)

Plastic rod, 0,2mm. Actually this is a bit “off scale” if you crosscheck with the calculator. But it looks more filigree and i left it as it is.


Love that kit! Its really georgeous and has excellent detail. Of course, there always is leeway for homemade improvements. Resin in a small run edition is not comparable to a Tamiya Plastic kit for instance. But isn´t that the literal meaning of  “MODELING” in terms of performing handicraft work?

To me it is! If you share this opinion and “dreadnought” a challenge while doing something off the mainstream, this kit is just perfect for you! Enjoy yourself and have fun during building this very enjoyable piece, made by my dear friend Peter Plattner.

To be continued….