Thursday, October 7, 2010

"A SEAL WITH BALLS" Bronco´s 1/35th XXVIIB Midget Sub

Hi folks,
time for another project. Again it´s a "quick model" with relatively few parts. I really like such sort of kits. Sometimes. :-)))) Its a perfect exercise to improve one´s painting skills and the best preparation forsomething "serious". Who want to screw a expensive resin kit, or an 32nd scale superdetailed aircraft with a poor paintjob?
Well...not me, at least...:-)
And therefore:

This model will not be a rendering of a specific subject, it will be more a cross section of various boats of its kind. I browsed through several websites and digged out all material i was able to get. Some pictures of my fellow modeling buddy Jim Baumann came in pretty handy an i made a few changes, chosen from all the avaiable material.

There is another project at the bench, which requires lots of cleaning, sanding and polishing.
You think it sounds like a resin kit? Yes buddy, you ´re right!
When i am tired of cleaning and building it together, i will take it aside and paint the XXVIIB for resfreshment. So...stay tuned. :-)
Thanks for watching!
Hope to see you again.



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