Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new year, a new project.



Well this one is something very sweet! Wiener Modellbau Manufactur has released some very interesting resin kits over the last three years.This austro-hungarian topedo boat is the cream of Peter Plattners work until now.

It comes with turned brass stanchions for the reling and bow-ornaments made of really great photo etch. The resin parts are great molded and require less cleaning then most of other comparable kits. In the following sbs you will see what you can expect after a purchase. The 37mm/L23 Hotchkiss rapid firing gun is a model within the model. The masts are made of turned wood and are absolutely tight. A really impressive multimedia kit.

You re tired of VIICs, VIIIIBs and Gatos? Well, check out Peters website and search fo the SMS U5/U6 in the 72nd scale. A great canvas, waiting to painted by all you maestros out there. You prefer waterline? No problem buddy, SMU 12 comes along and expects nothing else as a bed of water. These are great kits!

I decided to try myself on the Adler/Falke kit. The ship looks more like a submarine and i bet it almost was one in heavy seas. A beautyfull desingn, made to lend weight to Austrias ambitions at sea, around the turn of the century.


DSC03232 (Medium)


DSC03233 (Medium)


DSC03683 (Large)


DSC03685 (Large)


DSC03691 (Large)


DSC03698 (Large)


DSC03728 (Large)


DSC03727 (Large)


Nice, aint it? Lets get this thing ready for panting! Thanks for your interest and welcome back, when we spill some colour over this one…. :-)


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